Moxie Up is a call to action! A call to women to empower themselves, gain confidence and the knowledge to handle a potential attack. Not just for themselves but for the families who will not be the same without them.


Moxie Up was begun simply because there are too many women out there that have been victims to horrendous attacks and been unable to defend themselves. It is a real threat and quite frankly there’s not enough being done about it. It’s time to change the thought process. We want to train women to be able to defend themselves from a real threat. We also want women to stop putting off training because they think, “It’s not going to be me.” It has been shown that 1 in 4 women will be attacked. How many women are in your immediate family or friends? Come, get trained, share the knowledge and power! If not for you, then for your family and friends.  Feel free to Contact Us or look at our Upcoming Events.

Heather is now a Certified NRA Basic Pistol Instructor too.  Want to learn how to handle a firearm safely?   Contact Us

Sexual Assalt Statistics

1 in 4 women will be attacked
12% of Senior girls in high school have already been sexually assaulted (not just public schools, but also charter)
Almost 5 rapes a day occur in Arizona
84% of rape victims tried to talk their rapist out of it
Only 54% of rapes are reported
Majority of rapes occur between 6pm and midnight
Most rapes occur within a mile of the victim’s home
Only 3% of reported rapists will ever spend even one day in prison